OT gaggia ice cream maker help request
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2013-10-04 22:22:28 UTC
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I stumbled over an ice cream maker by Gaggia... a 'gelatiera'. The
kind folks at electra-craft are supplying the two removable bowls and
beaters though sadly it will take a while. Hopefully summer won't be
Anyway, no manual came with it of course, nor the measuring cylinder
that is used to measure the mixture of alcohol and water which goes
into the main freezing chamber to thermally couple it to the
removable bowl.
Does anyone have a manual they can copy for me? Also, does anyone
have one of those cylinders they can measure so I can recreate the
ratio and quantity of the 'vodka antifreeze'?
I'll make coffee ice cream, so I'm back on topic.
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Thanks for any help!
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You can get the manual online at the Gagglia site. I got my Gagglia for free on Craigslist and I love it. I do follow the recommendation of using the alcohol-water mixture in the bottom receptical. I didn't have the little measuring cup, so I experimented and found that using too much is a problem in that it travels up the center and into the removable bowl. I have found that a half tablespoon of water and a half tablespoon of alcohol works fine. I think the purpose of this is so the removable bowl doesn't freeze to the bottom receptacle, making it difficult to remove.

I would like to get a replacement bowl but cannot find a source for under $65 plus shipping. If you know of a source of a less expensive one, please let me know.

I love the recipes in the manual. Some people might complain that they call for raw egg yolks, but I don't see that as a huge risk, and evidently the Italians don't either. I don't have any experience with another brand of ice cream maker, but I am quite pleased with the Gaggia.
2017-04-24 16:18:22 UTC
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I bought a used gaggia icecream machine off of eBay. The cream does not get cold and freeze after the 30 minutes. How can I get this repaired.
2017-06-18 14:31:19 UTC
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Post by J***@yahoo.com
I bought a used gaggia icecream machine off of eBay. The cream does not get cold and freeze after the 30 minutes. How can I get this repaired.
I have a Gaggia also and found it somewhat tricky to use. Are you letting the bowl freeze up for at least 5 minutes or so before adding your mixture? If you don't let it get cold prior to adding the mixture it won't freeze...so make sure you push the cool button first and let it get frosted real good before adding your ice cream mixture.

You may be out of freon..
2018-02-04 16:45:48 UTC
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Hello fellow Gaggia Gelatiera fans! We've brought our machine from England to our new home in Mexico and we can't figure out what the power requirements are. Has anyone had experience with this machine in a country with 127v power...I had to look this 127v thing up, I have no idea about power and converters and transformers and we need help! I just don't want to fry our beautiful ice cream machine haha.